Monday, April 11, 2011

More Benefits of Exercise

We all know we should get up and get moving but three recent studies offer even more incentives for regular exercise.

Researchers reported at recent meeting of the American Heart Association that blood pressure in people who are less physically active rises more in response to a high-salt diet, and that following a low-salt diet may be especially important in lowering blood pressure among people who are not active.

            See the full article here.

In another study researchers at the Mayo Clinic discovered that fitness, not body weight, is a more important predictor of whether people with clogged blood vessels in their heart will die in the near future.

            Read about this study here. 

Lastly, researchers at an American College of Cardiology meeting reported that consistent, lifelong exercise preserves heart muscle in the elderly to levels that match (or even exceed!) those of health, non-active people.
            Read about this study here.

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