Wednesday, May 25, 2011

June is Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month

Myasthenia gravis is caused when there is a problem transmitting nerve signals to the muscles telling them to contract. In myasthenia gravis the body's own immune system blocks that signal. Many people with myasthenia gravis have problems with swallowing, facial expressions and eye and eyelid movement. Go to MedlinePlus for more information on myasthenia gravis.

The local chapter of the Myastenia Gravis Foundation of American meets the first Saturday of every other month (August 6, October 1, and December 3) at Allied Services in Scranton (475 Morgan Highway) in the Charles Luger Outpatient Center Community Room. For more information contact Vera Krewsun (570)687-6009. For information regarding the location contact Allied Services (570) 348-1407.

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